When Tennis Balls Are No Longer On Court

Did you know that during a top-notch professional match of tennis the players go through at least four tins of balls? Each tin can contain anything from three to half a dozen tennis balls. Now, many of you may have thought that you could get through an entire game of tennis with a single ball with no problem at all. That may be so, but you see, there is a reason why the pros go through so many balls during an ATP or Grand Slam event.

Apart from smacking the life and soul out of these rubber and felted balls, the balls in the tins have been vacuum-sealed before it is opened for a new game. This allows for maximum effect during the game of tennis. And believe this, the players and the umpires will know when these balls have expired. And that is that. But do not worry. Those of you who are environmentally conscious will be pleased to know that these balls are not wasted.

Apart from handing them over for kids and pets to play with, many of these balls are being converted into ‘pre-cut tennis balls for walkers‘. Now, what exactly could this mean? Yes, they could be balls that animal lovers take with them to the beach to play catch with their dogs, but these balls serve a completely different purpose. They are cut in half. And then they are attached to the feet or leg bottoms of tables and chairs.

pre-cut tennis balls for walkers

This is good for those who have still not learnt to pick up a chair nicely so that it does not scrape or scratch the nicely polished floor. It is also useful for looking after the legs and feet of the tables and chairs.