Secondhand Specs Of Famous Guitar

Of course, you may never be able to purchase the original Turner. It is probably being housed in a rock music museum somewhere. Or maybe the original owner still keeps it in his own mansion. And is still using the turner model 1 guitar as well. As the name goes, the first such guitar was designed and built by one such Rick Turner. And the famous rock guitarist? None other than lead guitarist and vocalist of the famed folk/rock group Fleetwood Mac, Lindsay Buckingham.

turner model 1 guitar

The Turner Model 1 C LB is the guitar associated as Buckingham’s main onstage guitar. You wonder if he and his pals are still playing, singing and dancing. Would you ever be able to afford it? If the artist lets it go, you could. But only if you could afford it. Like all things famous, it would probably fetch a very high price indeed. Now, if you’d never be able to afford a famous original, you might still be able to squeeze in for any number of the available secondhand variations of this famous guitar. Do not worry about what condition it is in. The retailer says that the guitar is in mint condition. 

The guitar is fully bound both at the top and the back. This accents the guitar’s ‘highly contoured ergonomic body’. Black fiber binding is featured around the guitar’s fingerboard and peg-head. The Turner Model 1 guitar is a versatile piece of business. you can vary from rhythmic and melodic volume and control to hectic eighteen-volt pre-amp pitches. This blast is achieved through the use of a Turner Parametric EQ. You can use this extra to blend the piezo or a second magnetic pickup.

That’s Buckingham’s guitar. Now, wonder what Keith Richards is still using?